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Benefits of Early Childhood Education Programs

Parents often enroll their children in early education programs to help them with social skills, but there are many other benefits. These include economic benefits to the community, creating responsible adults and successful leaders, and instilling kids with enhanced confidence and a lifelong love of learning. Minnieland’s education specialists how share research on how and why this is one of the best investments parents and society can make.

Balancing Life, Work & Childcare

The father of a toddler enrolled in a Minnieland school, Dr. Zach Mural discusses the rising demand for early childhood care and education for families in which both parents work.

All Work and No Play Makes for…Sensory Issues?

Research hows young children learn best through meaningful play experiences, yet many preschools are transitioning from play-based learning to becoming more academic in nature, the Washington Post reports. Drs. Burton and Mural discuss the importance of play and full sensory learning in early childhood development.

Kindergarten Tech

Minnieland's groundbreaking Science Technology Engineering and Math education curriculum was the first of its kind in the nation to introduce kindergarteners to STEM. Dr. Rosemary Burton discusses how they are getting the youngest learners excited early about these topics.

Teaching Kids Compassion, Character Development and Social Skills

Minnieland’s early childhood programs emphasize life skills and character development as well as academic preparedness. Dr. Mural shares tips for helping kids to grow into good citizens from his 20+ years in youth development.

Getting Your Child Interested In Reading

Dr. Burton shares tips for instilling a lifelong love of reading in boys and girls.

Dos and Don'ts of Helping Children With Homework

Helping children with homework can be a positive or negative experience depending upon how it is handled. Dr. Burton shares tips for avoiding procrastination and arguments.

Creating Independent Children with Cause and Effect

Dr. Burton explains ways parents can help children discover the natural consequences of their choices in safe ways.

Understanding Your Child's Temperament

Do you have a strong-willed child? Education experts from Minnieland explain how parents can better understand their children’s moods.

Developmental Milestones for Babies and Toddlers

Minnieland education experts tell what parents should look for as babies grow to assure they are on track and address learning delays.

Childcare in China

Dr. Burton has traveled to China three times in the past three years, and has visited preschools in Beijing and in Xi’an. She tells how parents and educators in China are exploring Western models to encourage creativity, innovation and problem solving in kids.

Easing Your Child into the First Time at School

Dr. Burton discusses how parents can use the start of school as an opportunity to teach kids how to express and handle emotions.

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

Dr. Burton explains a key to making siblings feel equally valued even if they aren’t treated the same.

School Gardens and Hands-On Health

Studies indicate that children who grow their own food are likely to eat more fruits and vegetables. Each Minnieland school has a garden planned and cared for by students, from window boxes and recycled container gardens to salsa or pizza-themed produce growing in vegetable patches. Curriculum specialists explain how to start a classroom garden from the experiences of Minnieland, which has them at all of its schools.

Childcare Safety and Security

Minnieland education experts share a checklist of items parents should look for in school and preschool security based on the company’s rigorous security measures.

Is Your Child a Picky Eater?

Dr. Burton shares commonsense tips we sometimes forget when it comes to getting kids to eat what’s good for them.

How to Teach Your Child the Alphabet

Dr. Burton shares simple tips to make learning the alphabet fun for kids.

Effects of Violence in the News on Children

Minnieland education experts explain how parents should discuss violence in the news and other media with their kids.

Sharing Parenting Duties Successfully

Communication and trust are the keys to sharing responsibilities with a spouse, grandparent or other caregivers. Minnieland education experts explain how to talk frankly and openly about differences in parenting styles.

Dealing with Your Child’s Negative Emotions

Dr. Burton explains the importance of empathizing with your child when he or she is upset, and how to help children process sorrow, disappointment and other negative feelings.

Facilities Designed for Learning

Minnieland Academy schools each have their own personality and distinct design, from locations in shopping areas and business offices to freestanding buildings. Some even have pools and splash areas for warm weather play. All aim to provide a welcoming environment for learning, exploration and growth and give top priority to safety and security. Drs. Burton and Mural discuss how large bright areas for groups and smaller age-specific classrooms enhance education.

Full Tummies for Hungry Minds

Home-cooked, hot meals are served family style at Minnieland Academy schools to help children stay focused on learning. Minnieland’s education experts discuss why keeping kids well fed is crucial for their health, growth and education.

Not Your Parents’ Playground

As children grow they need challenging, safe, durable equipment that helps them progress in developmental skills. Minnieland education experts explain how certified playground designers create age-appropriate environments with state-of-the-art play equipment.
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